Friday, April 6, 2012

it's spring!

spring flowers in my little garden LOL I planted the red and white tulips back in
november I believe, and now finally they are blooming! I waited a long time!
they didn't come out nice and straight tho :'/ that's what happens I guess when
you plant flowers in a pot. (because I don't have a real garden)

this spring im feeling the pastels and floral print, neon, NO. I can't stand
neon at all idk how people can wear it. sry I had to rant about it, after seeing
the stores filled with neon pieces and people adding it to their outfits it just
kills the whole outfit imo.

currently i've gotten over my first heartbreak ever and am trying to cleanse my
mind with spring. window shopping is fun right now, currently I am stalking ebay
for auctions on a la mer collection watch. they are just adorable, here are two
that I am watching right now. I won't post their links coz I want to win LOL
although if the price goes beyond 50 then im going to give up.

I hope I can win one of them at a good price!! ahhh~

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