Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dir En Grey at the HOB Hollywood

So last fri dec, 23, 2011 I went to see Dir en grey.

^taken while getting ready for the live.

I apologize in advance for lack of photos as I do not have a proper camera right now so I will just tell you my experience through words ;D

I didn't plan on seeing Dir en grey this year simply because I hadn't really listened to them all year and frankly their music is too dark for me to listen to. I do however enjoy their sound, it's the lyrics that I can't handle, but anyway I was making breakfast fri morning around 10am when my friend called. she asked me what I was going to do that day and I said nothing and she said "do you want to go see Dir en grey with me" and I paused for a second because that whole week I had forgotten that they were coming to play a live here. I accepted and then we both started scrambling to see if there were still tickets. that place does not sell out but I managed to get a ticket from a friend through facebook who happened to be trying to get rid of it the whole week. I got so lucky. This was going to be my 4th time seeing DEG live!

so, after getting a ticket secured I just waited for it to be time to go -skips to the show- so we get to the show and my friend and I run to the house of blues walking by the LONG ASS line of people waiting for the doors to open LOL we were like the last ones to get there yet we did not stand at the end of the line. we go into the HOB and buy HOB merch (two shirts) which apparently guarantees you a spot at the front of the line? so we stood with a friend who was already at the front of the line and everyone must have hated on us idk. I REGRET NOTHING, anywho the doors opened and we went in and waited an hour.

while waiting some of the people we were with started to plan how they were going to start a pit. I didn't want any part of it so i just walked away towards the side where Die stands * w*). when the screen started to lift and DEG was going to come on stage though I felt like a heard of wild animals rushed behind me, we were all pushed to the front like mad. I forgot how violent these kinds of lives are especially at the HOB, last year I saw them at the Nokia in Los Angeles and that just sucked I will not go into detail. anyway I fought my way through the crowd to be close enough to die but not as close as I would have liked.

picture not taken by me.
look at all those people! I was on the far left so you cant see me xp

I fought for my life during the live with people being squished into me and everyone just headbanging and jumping. I took part int he jumping but not headbanging lool never that I would suck at it anyway. Die was so elegant as always playing his guitar. I really enjoy seeing him play, this time around I got to enjoy seeing kaoru and toshiya as well since they would occasionally come over to play on our side then switch badk. I like kaoru's long wavy hair and omgh toshiya is just a boss playing his bass. I sadly didn't get to see shinya as he was too far back for me to see and it was dark back there most of the time too (plus I have bad eyesight). as for kyo he was less creepy this time 8D.

not taken by me.
look at him.

overall the show felt really short AND WE WERE FILMED! there were cameras everywhere! if they make that live into a DVD I WILL BUY IT LOOL. it would be so funny to see myself amongst the crowd waving the little red and white candy cane my friend gave me just before the live. I waved that little thing throughout the whole show, die saw me too and must have been like "wtf" but it was like a day or two before xmas I HAD TO!! xmas spirit at deg live yess!!

look at my bby ; w;/
die is my fav<3

very epic show ; w;/

after the live my friend and i ran out for fresh air because we were dehydrated and sweaty and horrible just horrible but we felt awesome surviving that pit. we met a band there who were giving out flyers called lucid. they were so kind and adorable * w* you should follow them on facebook!

click on their picture to view their page!

ok im sorry this is so long, I could go on forever still had so much to say but I will cut it here.
if you read all of this I thank you so much!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011


Recently i've been getting to know ena matsumoto. she is so lovely and talented she makes me cry. her fashions and even music lol yes music. still not familiar on how many singles she's done or anything but I just downloaded "only one" which I luckily found here on kei's blog, just in case you want to listen to it too! ;D anywho I'll just end my fangirling here♥

see you!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Hello again! Today I am going to blog about my recent foundation find.
everyone knows about this foundation already but it really is a great product not to rave about. I actually found this foundation on accident when I was at macy's one day dress shopping. I was about to leave the store when I passed by the estee lauder counter and saw that they were offering a 10day free supply of their double wear foundation. I immediately asked to get color matched and got the free 10day supply! I was never big on foundation but recently I noticed some discoloration happening in my face like dark circles etc so I thought maybe I should start using foundation sometimes. I don't use this all the
time, mostly just when I go out with friends or to a company meeting. here are some photos of the 10day sample

as you can see its very small, but it really does last 10days, well I've used it about 4 times already and still have a lot left. it really does not take a lot of this product to cover your face either. just a small pea size amount can do the job nicely! I am very happy with this foundation and the color. it matches my skin color so perfectly, my color is 5w1 Bronze. I think once I run out I will be investing and buying the full bottle for 34 dollars. it's worth it since
1. it matches my skin color perfectly
2. when applied it gives full coverage
3. it leaves a nice natural look as if you aren't wearing anything at all.
just love this so much, I don't think any other foundation can top this even though I really haven't tried many especially from high end brands like this once.
well thats all on my foundation rant!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nyx Trio Palettes!

Hello everyone!
This will be my first post that is makeup related!

Lets wish that it will not be the last!
ok I have two trio eyeshadow palettes by NYX which I would like to review for you.
I got the first palette back in feb in little tokyo from a little shop called Maneki Neko.
it's in the shades of ts13 cherry/cool blue/hot pink

as you can see the colors are very vibrant and as vibrant as they look on the palette that is actually how pigmented they are once you wear it which I LOVE.
now on to the next palette. I bought this other palette last week during my outing with my friend vivian which I have posted before this entry. we went to the same shop Maneki Neko and we both purchased the same palette. I was originally going to get majolica majorca's brulee eyeshadow palette from an ebay store but I found very similar shades by nyx and the price was way less than majolica majorca. the only difference with this nyx trio palette is that it only comes with three shades vs majolica majorca's four shades, but I didn't really need the lighter shade majolica's has since I have a light eyeshadow at home already.
This palette is ts21 copper/rust/bronze

these colors are so gorgeous I just had to have them and again they are very pigmented, might be more pigmented than majolica majorca's, but I could be wrong. anywho it was much cheaper and I love the quality and the packaging is professional too. it comes with a little mirror at the top as you can see, and a double sided eyeshadow brush.
each trio palette cost me 6.99 which wasn't bad compared again to majolica majorca's 15.99 plus shipping @__@
to purchase these palettes visit:

Here I am wearing some, might not look as dark since my skin is tan :/

Next I will review a foundation worn above :D

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Petite tokyo

So on Tue I went to Little Tokyo with my friend Vivian, I shot her in her new favorite spring floral dress! I love how she paired with her cardigan. doesn't she look adorable?

Vivian and I had previously gone to that store called Pop Killer, they have really cool vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. I almost got a hat but became broke after venturing to other stores and of course eating! LOL

me and vivian~