Friday, April 27, 2012


I feel like I need to apologize for not posting anything for over a week but I dont have any followers (if any at all) so no lol. /criescozofghostblog. but anyway I have nice pictures and things to say so w/e. let me start out with last week. I had jury duty to go to and yes it was horrible, and yes I made it to the second stage that everyone dreads but thank god I wasn't chosen to be a juror for that case. I lasted a total of three days in the juror choosing process which I think is a horrible process to go through btw.
<-- just stuff I took with me for those days at the courthouse.

view from the 11th floor of the LA courthouse.
after my horrid week I was able to go to the cherry blossom festival. I missed the dolldelight fashion show by a few minutes :/ but I was still able to see my two friends, one whom participated in the fashion show and I got to take pictures of :'D still waiting for those pictures to be developed so that I can post them! look out for that!
here are some pictures from that event i took with my phone hehe.

got to touch some koi gish at the festival and took a silly photo of min and shannon haha.
will stop here im tired  :0.

Friday, April 20, 2012

black withdrawals

so lately i've been wanting to get some black back into my wardrobe. for the past year or more i've been wearing a lot of colors. not bright but still colors lol. I still have some grey in it and like one black sweater, but no black bag etc. so i've been window shopping on various sites and found some things in black that I really like right now. I know it's spring and all but you can't ignore black no matter how hot it gets. I think i've been influenced by christian's style lately. I really love it!

anywho here is my little compilation of things I liked. out of everything I might actually get the bag :3

Monday, April 16, 2012

Outing with mina

so last thursday my friend and vocalist of our unamed band called me short notice to go out to downtown LA! of course I could not refuse that especially since I had not seen her in AGES!

so once mina got to my area (she lives like an hour away :'/) she picked me up and then we headed to the metro station. it takes about an hour to get to LA from my area on the metro, but in car its like 20min lol. the metro is just slow ok, but it's still fun to take. so we take about 3 trains to get there, takes us underground and all.

once we got there we decided to check out some stores. cure shop first where mina got a nightmare CD, then kinokuniya where I purchased two magazines that I am currently in love with! I got zipper which I had never heard of before and it came with a cute tote bag. a lot of magazines have cute gifts inside, i wanted them all!! lol but I was limited on cash so i just got that and Jelly. I could not resist the cover, the colors just got me!

isn't the tote cute? it's really big so idk if i'll even use it since I dont carry much stuff in my bag, and the bags I have are like half the size.

after that we decided to go eat. mina wanted to eat ramen at daikokuya but it was so packed that we just decided to go eat ar mr. ramen next door lol. I got vegetable curry and mina got curry ramen. of course I forgot to take a picture before we finished our food lol. I wasn't able to eat all my food, I mean look at that huge plate!

after eating we went to karaoke!! then after that we proceeded to eat cream puffs in a desolate bathroom.

why? idk mina said to just get over it and taste the cream puff
and it was so delicious that I didn't care
that I was in a bathroom eating.

that was my outing with mina :3 i'll end this post with a random picture of these nice public telephone stalls from union station.

adventures with christina


haven't posted in a while, i've been busy and trying to take as many photos to document my outings recently, which I still find hard to do since I feel awkward taking pictures of things/myself in public lol. last week (tue april 10th) I went out with my friend Christina to help her buy some new makeup. she threw all her old makeup away which made me feel kind of bad since my makeup is like over a year old and I still use it. makeup is just so expensive that I feel its a waste to throw it out if I haven't finished it.

after molesting all of Sephora's cosmetics (playing with eyeshadows, tanning mousse, blushes etc.) we decided to go to Macy's. I suggested she get color matched at Estee Lauder for her foundation and the consultant there got really excited because my friend is so adorable ; w;. she proceeded to not only put foundation on her face but also did put on blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick. she looked like a porcelain doll, but of course I forgot to take a picture of her makeup on lol.

after that she ended up getting a makeup kit which comes with foundation, concealer and brushes. she also got moisturizer for her face since she doesn't use any ever ~__~ after that we went to get starbucks, I got a java chip with peppermint :'D she got a strawberry lemon smoothie? it tasted so refreshing.

Friday, April 6, 2012

it's spring!

spring flowers in my little garden LOL I planted the red and white tulips back in
november I believe, and now finally they are blooming! I waited a long time!
they didn't come out nice and straight tho :'/ that's what happens I guess when
you plant flowers in a pot. (because I don't have a real garden)

this spring im feeling the pastels and floral print, neon, NO. I can't stand
neon at all idk how people can wear it. sry I had to rant about it, after seeing
the stores filled with neon pieces and people adding it to their outfits it just
kills the whole outfit imo.

currently i've gotten over my first heartbreak ever and am trying to cleanse my
mind with spring. window shopping is fun right now, currently I am stalking ebay
for auctions on a la mer collection watch. they are just adorable, here are two
that I am watching right now. I won't post their links coz I want to win LOL
although if the price goes beyond 50 then im going to give up.

I hope I can win one of them at a good price!! ahhh~