Monday, September 3, 2012

Face mask First Timer

Today I will rant about face masks :D

My Beauty Diary

I stumbled on facemasks about a year ago through beauty bloggers. I thought it was pretty cool and convenient. I wanted to try it out especially after seeing how asian celebrities were using them and they got such nice skin ugh.

however it took my until now to actually try them out since first of all im not an ounce asian and was unsure that they would work on my skin, but after reading so many reviews and how benefial they can be on the skin I just decided to try it out.

again im not an ounce asian, im tan and am of mixed race. my skin isn't oily (except for my forehead a bit) and can get very dry to the point where I get dry patches if not using any moisturizer for a while.

the first face masks I decided to get are the my beauty diary which everyone has already heard of and reviewed about but I feel like my review might help someone of non asian race maybe? lol

anyway I decided to get the variety pack since they had so many to choose from and I wanted to try out more than one of the many kinds they offer.

this set includes the following 7 different types of masks
1.       Collagen Firming Mask
2.       Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask
3.       Arbutin Whitening Mask
4.       Black Pearl Mask
5.       Bird’s Nest
6.       Red Vine Mask7.       Aloe Mask

so far I have only tried the bird's nest and the collagen firming mask. im doing one mask a week which is every sat night :D. so far I like them them but I don't love them.

Bird's nest 
I only left this one on for about 25 min for fear of an allergic reaction since it was my first time trying these masks lol that was dumb I know shut it, the mask had a nice scent and had a ton of serum! as advised by many of the beauty bloggers who used this I used the excess serum on my neck and hands hee hee.

I didn't notice a real significance but it brightened my dull skin and left it looking and feeling nice. after reading that it was actually made with with a type of bird's saliva I was kind of grossed out but at the same time thought well it must be good lol.

so if your not down for that you might want to skip this mask.

next up is the collagen firming mask. the packets are smaller than I had imagined, and the actual masks are nicely folded inside with a protective light plastic that you peel off before putting the actual cloth on your face.

this one felt had a nice soft scent too which I cant describe just know that it's nice. this mask tingle a little bit and made parts of my face itchy which I think was a good reaction.

I left this one on for a little over an hour, until my face absorbed all of the serum from the mask. the mask doesn't drip btw. after peeling it off my face was slightly sticky but after the serum was fully absorbed it went away.

my face again was bright and i did feel a slight firmness which was nice. I think with continued use of this mask your face will look amazing if firmness is what you need.

embarrassing pic of mahself

and now to redeem myself

Thank you for reading and I really hope this helpe at least a little.
I will also update on the rest of the masks littly by little.

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