Monday, February 13, 2012


Promise i'll post at least once a week!
new goal for this year sheesh.
photo dump of some things I've done in the past week.

my mum gave me that valentine balloon last thur ; u; /lame/
the yogurtland photo is old, i went in to get green tea, coconut,
and pistachio with mochi and almond on top yumm.
also i had no idea how delicious the taro flavor is!
I need to go get some again soon!!

Today I took off my nail polish design in a different way.
I had run out of nail polish remover so I used Top Coat
to remove my polish. it did so very nicely!!
I was very surprised lool. Today I also dyed my hair a nice auburn color.
might post a picture of the after results later~

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