Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Update pt1

fighting to keep this blog alive. been very lazy and busy to come on the computer.
the bro however bought a laptop so im taking the opportunity to blog in a more
free comfy space :D the space where my old comp is located is cramped and the
comp itself is old and gross and I just hate going on it now.

anyway, I want to share what I did last weekend since I had been anticipating it
for a while now, back in july I joined the youth music dept at the church I go to
and have been slowly getting to know more people. I am very excited about that
because irl the friends I had are non existent pretty much, I used to have a good amount
of friends but slowly I've had to cut some out of my life and others have just been
too busy to even talk + they live very far so it's hard to hang out.

anywho, our leader in the music dept planned a girls night out event just for the
us girls :D. most of them are singers and three of us play an instrument. we went to
the anabella hotel in anaheim, pretty much right next to disneyland, the hotel was very
nice, sorry I didn't take any photos (im pretty bad at taking pictures in public since
im very shy, I know I need to work on that). everything went
by really fast! we went night swimming, went back to our room and ate then
had a spa time complete with facial and manicures lol then sleep.

I didn't get much sleep since the girls were being loud and talkative but I cant complain
I had a lot of fun and got to know the girls i'll be working with in the future!

sorry for the text heavy post. I will do my best to get over my fears lol.

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